Jewelry Care

Karma Creations Jewelry is made to accompany you through every day of your life. The use of high quality materials enables you to do just that. As your Karma jewelry becomes a part of you, feel free to wear it while you sleep, shower, and exercise.

In order to preserve the shimmer of the metal and scintillation of the gems, we encourage that you remove your jewelry before swimming in the sea or chlorinated swimming pool. Also, exercise caution while using harsh detergents during cleaning. Finally, we all love some good lotions and perfumes, however, these luxuries often leave a layer of grime on top of our favorite jewelry.

Should you notice your piece starting to get a little dull, use a microfiber cloth to gently clean it, rubbing in one direction, only. Alternatively, you may add some mild soap to a glass of warm water and place your jewelry inside for a few minutes. Then, use a designated toothbrush to gently scrub, ensuring not to scratch the stone. Use a blow dryer or let the piece air-dry for best results.

When you’re not wearing your karma jewelry (although we’re struggling to imagine a scenario in which that’s the case), we recommend storing your piece in our specialized suede pouch. For additional safety, store the pouch in our linen box, which makes for the perfect countertop accessory. Every time you want to put on your jewelry, be inspired by our karma quote.