Materials Used



Karma Creations prides itself on the use of fine-grade materials. All of our jewelry is made of 18K gold and high-quality stones.

The ‘k’ is read as ‘karats’ (kind of like carrots, yes) and is refers to the purity of the gold, with 24K gold being the highest karat gold. Despite its attractive purity, 24K gold is very malleable making it susceptible to damage and scratching with everyday wear. We want you to wear your karma with confidence, knowing that it will remain secure and lustrous in all conditions. This is why we use 18K gold. 18K gold is made up of 75% gold and 25% alloy. We love it because it’s as pure, saturated, and shiny as gold can get while still remaining strong and practical, making it perfect for daily wear.

Our collection comprises of yellow, white, and rose gold pieces. The color of pure 24K gold is a very saturated, warm, orangey gold. In order to get the yellow gold color you know and love, pure gold is mixed with silver and copper. To get white gold, pure gold is alloyed with metals such as silver, nickel, or palladium. For romantic rose gold, copper is added to the mix.

Despite the small size of the diamonds and precious stones used in our jewelry, we still maintain a high standard with regards to quality. All of our gems have a high color and clarity grading, giving Karma Creations jewelry special scintillating qualities.